Hello and welcome to The Jewelled Jester, which was started in December 2003.  My name is Dana Schroeder.  If you are new or returning to this site, it has been completely reconstructed as of August 2015.  I hope everyone finds it user-friendly and accommodates their needs.  If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please contact me.  Just for a quick background, I have been collecting costume jewelry for over 30 years. I have a huge personal collection of costume jewelry that I have accumulated, and I am offering a small portion of it on this website. There are thousands of pieces of jewelry in my collection, so if you have a particular maker, type, design, etc. that you are searching for, please feel free to e-mail me and I will see if I can be of some assistance. The collection is quite extensive, and if I don't have a particular piece, I will keep an eye out for it during my jewelry excursions.

Also, highlighted on my website is a line of jewelry called A. Chael Originals. This is a line of handmade jewelry created and designed by my mother, Annette Chael. She is an artist of many years, creating items over the years in acrylic paintings, free-form ceramics, stained glass, and handmade jewelry, just to name a few. She is quite a remarkable person. The jewelry seen here was created a number of years ago and are among her first pieces created. Unfortunately, she had a stroke in 2010 and she has not created any jewelry since then.