Amazing Zuni Inlayed Horse Bolo Tie by Joe Zunie


This is a fantastic bolo tie that is a horse wearing a saddle standing in grass.  The belly, hind quarters  and front lower leg are mother of pearl.  The main, tail and top of the bridle are raised mother of pearl that stand out from the horse.  The saddle is lightly dyed tan mother of pearl.  The blanket, bridle and leaves on the ground are turquoise.  The head, chest and front legs are onyx.  The back legs are what looks like tortoise shell.  The dirt on the ground and the saddle horn are coral.  The hind quarters of the horse have black spots either painted on or inlaid, but I can’t tell which.  The entire horse is detailed with etched marks to give the appearance of hair, and the saddle is etched with a triangular pattern.  Even the turquoise leaves have etched veins.  The horse measures almost 3 1/2″ tall by a touch over 4″ wide.  The bolo has silver conical tips, which each measures 1 5/8″ long, and each has a black onyx horse head with a white mother of pearl mane that dangles from it.  These, too, have etched marks to give them more detail.  The horse heads each measure 3/4″ tall by a little over 1″ wide.  The back of the horse is a silver setting and is marked “JOE ZUNIE” but the “IE” didn’t get stamped in.  There is also a “JZ” mark on the neck of the horse.  The closure on the bolo is marked “BENNETT PAT. PEND” and is in good and tight working condition.  The bolo tie is braided black leather and is in great shape.  It measures 39″ and hangs 19 1/2″.   The back is tarnished but I’m sure would shine up  with a polishing cloth, but I do not remove the patina from the silver items.  I leave that up to the buyer, if they so desire.  Circa 1965.  This piece is truly museum worthy and a wonderful example of Zuni craftsmanship.

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