Beautiful Handcrafted Glass Pin


This is a really unusual pin. I am assuming this is an artist rendered original, but I’m not sure. It is a black glass triangle with a glass rust colored oval cabochon at the top. There are 3 glass imitation turquoise square pieces decorating the triangle. At the bottom of the triangle is a black glass flower on a copper flower. On each side dangles a bead that I believe is real turquoise, a bead that looks like a real piece of amber, and a black glass glob with orange stripes through it. What is unusual about this piece is that there are 2 loops that stick out of the back of the triangle as though it could be sewn onto something. Also, the triangle is actually stamped in with the letters “J.P.”. The only problem with this pin is there are some chips along the edge of the black triangle, however, it is not noticeable from the front. The safety clasp is in good working condition. Measures 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″.

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