Compact and Lipstick Tote


This is a neat little accessory. This is a goldtone "purse" with a clear plastic top filled with multi-colored pieces of glitter and long squiggly pieces of goldtone glitter. It has a goldtone chain for a handle and actually has 2 layers that open. The top holds a mirror and has a place for powder. The rectangle puff inside looks brand new and has never been used. It says "Fifth Avenue" on it and another word that looks like "Zell". The bottom layer is empty, but could probably hold change, a hanky, or anything else you might want to carry in it. On the side is a lipstick tube held on with 2 clamp like hooks. The tube is empty and also appears never to have been used. The back has a lined design. Lids click tight and are in good working condition. Item is in great condition. This little purse measures 3 3/4" long by 2 1/4" tall.

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