Huge Sterling Charm Bracelet with 17 Charms


7 1/4″ sterling linked bracelet marked “STERLING” with 17 charms dangling from it as follows: 1) Carmen Miranda which is not marked; 2) Mexican hat marked “MEXICO” on the front of the hat, back is marked “EVS” and a “2″ in a bell; 3) a stick and ball (not sure what it represents) which is not marked; 4) scorpion on a disc which is marked “STERLING 925”; 5) trolley car on a disc that spins in circles, bottom is marked “SAN FRANCISCO STERLING”; 6) roadrunner on a disc marked “925″ on the back; 7) golf bag which is not marked; 8) gold prospector and donkey with a hang tag that is marked “STERLING BY BELL”; 9) collie marked, but I am unable to read it; 10) eagle with open wings, not marked; 11) slot machine that has an actually working handle and spinner inside, front says “3 Cherries 30, 3 Oranges 20, 3 Lemons 10, 3 Bars 2″. The bottom is marked “STERLING”; 12) a woman golfer which is not marked; 13) “RN” and medical symbol with back marked “STERLING”; 14) Mexican sun symbol, back is marked “EVS” and a “2″ in a bell; 15) working roulette wheel with red and black enamel number dial and moving ball. The plastic cover has a crack in it. Back is marked “STERLING”; 16) lunar landing module which is not marked; 17) golden retriever dog which is not marked. Safety clasp is in good working condition.

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