Knights of Pythias Silver Triangle Dangling from Ribbon Pin


This is an old Knights of Pythias pin that is a brass ribbon with a shield on it with an upside-down silvertone triangle dangling from it.  The brass ribbon is made to have a name engraved on it, and this one is blank and has never been used.  The triangle has a goldtone “F”, “C” and “B” in each corner which stands for “Friendship”, “Charity” and “Benevolence”.  In the center of the triangle is a large goldtone oval on it with a knight’s helmet above a shield and crossed battle axes.  Above the knight’s head is written “KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS”, and on the shield is written “ESTO PERPETUA”.  The back of the triangle is marked with a convex pentagon with a shield in it that has a person holding an arrow on it.  Around the shield is “F”, “C” and “B”.  Around the edge is “COPY RIGHT 1874”, “S.S. DAVIS S.C.” (which the “S.C.” didn’t get stamped so is hardly visible) and “SUPREME LODGE”.  The Knights of Pythias “Jewels” came into being because they were in bankruptcy and needed to make money. So this jewelry was created by Supreme Chancellor Stillman S. Davis  to sell to lodge members to save the organization.  If you are interested in reading about the history of the Knights of Pythias, there is a fantastic article about them at the following website: .  Pin measures 3″ tall by 2 1/4″ wide.  Safety clasp is an old C-clasp and is in good working condition.  This pin is probably from the 1930s.   There are a few dark spots on the front, as pictured, and some tarnish on the back to the silverplate, but otherwise in good vintage condition.

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