Mother of Pearl Basket Weave Patterned Purse, Picture Frame, and Lighter Set


This is a wonderful goldtone set that consists of a double-decker purse/compact, a lighter, and a double picture frame. Each piece is covered in a basket weave pattern of white mother of pearl with pieces of dark abalone in between. The purse has 2 separate compartments that open. One holds money, or possibly back in the day, cigarettes. The other compartment opens and holds a treasure trove of items. There is an imitation toroise shell comb with its own little hinged holder, a hinged tube that holds lipstick which still has some really bright red lipstick in it. The lipstick says “Dana” along the edge near the bottom, and the bottom is marked “Tabu Nassau Rose Red, Dana Perfumes Distributor, New York – Chicago”. There is a small compartment that opens up and still holds powder. There is also a little worn square powder puff that sits atop the powder compartment. A mirror is inside the lid. There is a snake chain type handle. There is a matching lighter that is marked “Gem” in cursive letters. The lighter still has its wick sticking out of the top. I do not know if it works, because I don’t want to put lighter fluid in it to try it out. There is also a little double picture frame that is hinged so it can sit on a dresser or be carried in a purse. The frame does not lock closed, nor was it made to. Inside are 2 pictures of movie stars from the 50s. The man is Van Johnson, who starred in the Caine Mutiny, but I don’t know who the woman is. Both round inserts that hold the pictures in the frame and the plastic protective covers are still intact. This set is spectacular. There is some very light surface scratching on the bottom of the purse. Also, the only actual damage I could find is that one of the hinge covers of the purse is missing. I took a picture so that you could see it. However, it causes no problems with the mechanics of the hinge. ALL of the mother of pearl and abalone is in place and present and in great condition. A really well made accessory set.

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