Old Sterling Charm Bracelet with 15 Charms


This is a double-linked sterling 7-1/4″ bracelet with a safety clasp that is marked “925”. There are 15 charms on this bracelet, ALL of which are sterling and ALL of which are marked “C” inside of a broken square. The charms are as follows: 1) a teapot with a clear glass crystal bead body. The bottom is marked “925”; 2) butterfly with 4 clear rhinestones in the top wings, marked “925”; 3) plain heart marked “925”; 4) crescent moon with 9 clear rhinestones marked “925”; 5) tube of lipstick with a red enamel tip and 7 clear rhinestones around the bottom edge, marked “925”; 6) double-sided purse with a checkered pattern There are 10 clear rhinestones on each side. There is a very light mark I believe is 925 on the side of the purse near the bottom. Also, it follows the theme of bracelet, so I am assuming that it is also silver; 7) playing cards showing a royal flush of hearts, marked “925”; 8) blue enamel sunglasses with 8 clear rhinestones along the top edge, marked “925”; 9) engagement ring with 1 clear prong set rhinestone, marked “925”; 10) high-heeled shoe with 6 clear rhinestones in the toe, marked “925”; 11) round medallion with a cherub on it, marked “925”; 12) pot of gold with what looks like gold pyrite (fool’s gold) on the top, marked “925”; 13) piggy bank with a quarter that goes into it. The quarter actually moves in and out of the top of the bank. Marked “925”; 14) half of a heart marked “Daughter” with 2 red enamel hearts on it. Back is marked “925”. There is probably another half of a heart out in the world somewhere that matches this that says “Mother” on it; 15) dragonfly with 4 clear rhinestones in the wings, marked “925”. Every charm (except the purse charm) is marked “925” and has a makers mark on it. I have attempted to take a closeup of the mark, since I do not recognize the maker. Charms sizes range between ½” to 3/4″. This is an old bracelet and probably was very expensive due to the fact that every charm was purchased from the same company. Very well made.

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