Reddy Kilowatt Silvertone Earrings


Silvertone Reddy Kilowatt with a red enamel lightning bolt (representing electricity) body.  The backs are bright and shiny and each is marked “T.M. REG. U.S. D-94261″.  A search of the trademark website no longer shows the design trademark. It has been removed. The screwbacks are in good working condition. The earrings measure 1″ x 5/8”.


Reddy Kilowatt was designed by Ashton Collins, Sr., and was used as an advertisement promotion for electricity, starting in 1926, by the Alabama Power Company. In 1934, the Reddy Kilowatt Program was created and Reddy was licensed for use by all power companies that were part of the program. Based on a change in design in 1946 to make Reddy Kilowatt look more proportionate and friendly, I am guessing these earrings were probably made in the 1950s. A great example of advertising history.

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