Royal Canadian Mounted Reverse Glass Old Souvenir Bracelet from Windsor Canada


This is a really cool old souvenir bracelet from Canada.  It is a bookchain style goldtone bracelet consisting of 7 large rectangular links. The center has a reverse glass rectangle of a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman on a white background.  There is a bit of color change to the white background suggesting water may have gotten under it at some point.  4 links are a goldtone maple leaf with bright aurora borealis stones on it.  2 links are red. orange and green enamel maple leaves with a white banner across them.  1 enameled banner says “WINDSOR” and 1 enameled banner says “CANADA”.  Bracelet measures 7 1/4″ x 3/4″.  Safety clasp is in good working condition.  This is an old souvenir that I would place probably from the 1950s.  One of my favorite souvenir pieces!

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