Swank Sailboat Real Shell Cameo Watch Fob and Belt Clasp


Goldtone rectangle has an oval real shell cameo depicting a sailboat with a flag, on rough seas, with a lighthouse in the background.  The rectangle has a clip on the back that is made to slide onto a belt.  A long chain goes to a large loop, measuring 1 1/4” across, that can hold a pocket watch.  The rectangle is 5/8” x 1” and is marked on the back “SWANK” and “PAT NO. D-112997”.  The patent  for this “Design for a Belt Clasp” was applied for on July 2, 1938, by Viola T. Howard of Saylesville, Rhode Island, assignor to Swank Products, Inc., for a term of 14 years.   Measures 19” long overall.

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