Topaz Clamper Bracelet and Earrings Set


Goldtone clamper bracelet encrusted with dark brown large rhinestones interspersed with smaller round topaz colored rhinestones. The sides of the bracelet have a large striped topaz colored and yellow pear, 2 large topaz colored round rhinestones, and 2 beige rhinestones. All of the stones are prong set. Bracelet measures 3″ x 2 1/2″. The earrings are 1 large brown emerald cut rhinestone with 1 round beige and  3 round topaz colored rhinestones above it. All of the stones are prong set. Earrings measure 1 X 3/4″. Clips and clamper are in good working condition and have excellent tension. 1 round topaz colored rhinestone toward the back of the bracelet has a spotted look, but otherwise all of the stones are in good condition. I believe this set may be Juliana due to the design and open (unfoiled) back rhinestones.

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