Vintage Charm Bracelet


This is a lacy silvertone bracelet, probably from India, that has 10 charms dangling from it, some of which are sterling. The first charm is a silvertone Buddha or idol. The second is a large silvertone oval with the Taj Mahal pictured inside of it, The third charm is a silvertone abacus with glass red and blue seed beads in it. The fourth charm is a pine tree inside of a circle – it is marked on the back but is unreadable. The fifth charm is a bone or stone (definitely not plastic) elephant. The sixth charm is a silvertone urn. The seventh charm is 2 wedding bells tied with a bow and is marked "sterling". The eighth charm is a tall handled vase with a glass eye on both sides. The ninth charm is what I believe to be a Greek building (Acropolis?) – it is marked "935" on the back. The tenth charm is a silvertone filigree Indian sandal. All of the charms are in good condition. Hook clasp. Bracelet measures 7 1/2" long. Charms range from 5/8" (Buddah) to 1 1/8" (Eye vase) tall.

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