White Plastic Rosary Necklace


This is a double strand of white plastic rosary beads that has a center with Mary on it that is actually a clasp. The crucifix is a tiny brass cross. At first I thought part of this necklace was missing because the beads are asymmetric: there are 10 beads, bell-capped beads, 10 beads, bell-capped beads, then 5 beads. I thought someone had taken 5 beads out for some reason…THEN, I realized that this was made with an actual rosary and that there are 5 sets of hail Mary’s (an odd number), making this necklace asymmetrical. The necklace part measures 16″, pendant part measures 4-1/2″. This is really an unusual piece, and I’ve never seen one like it before.

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