Whiting & Davis Alumesh Purse


Wonderful old Whiting & Davis purse made out of aluminum mesh with light creme colored enamel on it. The handle is an old yellow plastic with a double-link plastic chain and 2 flowers that slide next to each other and snap into place to close the purse. The inside of the purse has a dark blue lining with 2 pockets for items. There is a tear in the bottom of the inside lining. The tag inside says “Whiting & Davis Alumesh Bags, Made in U.S.A., Pat. 78,124″. The patent information found on the U.S. Patents and Trademarks website indicates that the design patent was applied for in March 2, 1928 and was patented in March 26, 1929. A wonderfully made piece of Whiting & Davis.

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