Estee Lauder Victorian-Style Oval Solid Perfume/Sachet Box


Bright goldtone oval perfume or sachet box that still contains the original solid perfume cake (with a couple of fingerprints in it). The entire box is covered in a swirled leafy design. The top has a picture of a man and woman in Victorian dress in a laurel. This is surrounded by a blue plastic “enameling” that has a line and dot pattern underneath it that shows through. The inside of the box is marked “ESTEE” in small letters with the accent mark over the second “e”. The hinge is in good working condition and the latch closes securely. The box measures 2 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ and is 3/8″ deep. This box looks brand new, and I don’t think it was used much. Very pretty!

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